The KHG Sigil

The KHG sigil is the very engine of not only GZS but the ChaosPunk Revolution. Designed by Kati Hathor Gaia, the dual infinity fields within the chaos star stands for hope when you are weary from bracing against the storm. The rainbow colors stand for all of humanity and the right to stand shoulder to shoulder, as equals.

It stands for new beginnings and success in your ventures. It stands for unity and parity. It stands for the chaotic infinity from which we are born and which we return. Whatever you put into the KHG will return tenfold.

Many knew Kati. Many knew she was an amazing person. Before she shuffled off the mortal cage that this world burdened her with, she gave us a very powerful gift to work with, powered by her energies that now flow through whatever afterlife she chose.

We love you and miss you, Kati Hathor Gaia. You guide us still. Now we're going to show the world your power.