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    Hey there,

    Hopefully, you’ve found this website and forum because you’re interested in GZS and the ChaosPunk Collective digital art community. Our intent is to produce great content under our label and help get occult artists the recognition they deserve. So, if you’re here just to mingle or to produce something for the greater good, welcome!

    Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a few things about you.



    Mah name’s Adam Borresen, I went to school for graphic design but I pretty much only use it to make cartoons. Did a couple ash can comic books (pen and the other is multi medium) and some self taught experience with Blender and Flash. The project I’m working on right now is a mobile game with a childhood friend.

    I work way to much so I’m currently struggling with making time to do the art.

    Nice tah be here!


    Welcome and stuff! So, there’s two of us now. Time to seduce some people Adam. We’re counting on you!


    Seduction knob cranked to 11


    Ha! You said knob.

    Haha! I just saw the edit button too! ?

    Bob the Skull

    My name’s Shannon Barbaglia, but I write under the pen name Wain Shannon. I have far too many interests and not enough time to devote to any of them. I’m currently working on a set of stories about gifted people in a small Midwestern County.


    Nice! I look forward to hearing more about that in the future. Welcome to GZS!

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