#JoinTheRevolution #ChaosPunkCollective #DoMagick

No, we are not some obscure genre of punk rock history but we are very punk rock. 

The CPC is a tribe of modern day magicians, shamans, witches, and other occultists working together to make a better world. We seek to bring magick into the lives of the masses and to empower them to take their world back from those who would corrupt it.

We are artists, musicians, writers, and creators that seek to put our work into the world to enrich the tapestry that is human history.

We are the shadows in your offices, in your government organizations, your state run offices, your future political leaders. We want to change the world for the better.

We are the protestor in the streets, the mother in the office, the old man who's sick of the abuses of power.

We rage against the monoculture, who has created a world of torments. Wars that destroy the common person and enrich the elite powers are now the norm. People dying because they can't afford their medication is the norm. Concentration camps in supposedly free societies are now the norm. Governments culling their citizens is now the norm. Slaughtering people because of who they choose to love is now the norm. Children being terrified of being gunned down in school is the norm. 

We say fuck the norm.

In times of distress, the wyrd workers have always been there to guide humanity through the darkness. 

We are the CPC.