Prime Fiction Submissions


    Please read everything below. What do we accept?

    We accept fiction stories between 100–1500 words.

    We accept serialized stories from 12 to 23 episodes long. (Minimum 750 words per post. The story must be complete before first publication date.)

    We're looking for strange fiction with a nod towards chaos magick, urban fantasy, or horror. Mixing that with any other standard genre is good.

    It must have a beginning, a middle, and an end, though.

    Do not submit excerpts from your latest novel. We want a complete one-shot or a serialization pitch. If you want to pimp your latest novel, that's what the Author Spotlight series is for.

    This isn't for non-fiction, personal essays, or personal memoirs—but if you can make it fiction and interesting? Let's see what ya got.

    Children’s fiction. Just don't. This is an R-rated page. Don't.

    Adult themes including sex, violence, and even politics are encouraged. This does not mean we want to see Penthouse Forums playing out before our eyes or hear about detailed vivisection procedures.

    Do not submit stories depicting living public figures as  main or secondary characters, fan-fiction involving proprietary characters, or song lyrics (that's poetry and you obviously didn't read that rule.) Passing references to all of these are fine.

    Feel free to submit something that has been printed elsewhere as long as you have the publishing rights.

    What do we pay?

    Currently, there is no monetary payment (yet) but we do pay with the exposure we can give. The full force of our marketing engine will be behind you and that kind of help can be invaluable to the struggling artist. We also don't keep the rights to your story or tell you what you can do with it. NOTE: Even if you don't get paid for it, submitting for publication on the site means that the story is officially published. You should keep that in mind if you want to submit it to another publishing organization of some sort. They will probably not publish something that's already been out there. Fair warning.

    Do I retain my rights?

    You retain all rights to your work. However, We kindly ask that if you publish your story online, including your own website, that you provide a link back to the original publication site ( Again, we pay you with whatever exposure we bring you and you do the same for us. It's a very socialist form of marketing. Think of it as an investment.

    What else?

    We edit for formatting, spelling, and punctuation to meet my style guidelines. Any substantial edits (such as content) will be submitted to the author for approval and resubmission.

    Please submit one piece of work at a time. Do not resubmit a declined story unless asked.

    Please submit in either .txt or .doc formats.