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GZS is the work of many talented creators...

Joe Forrest

Publisher / Head of Creative Development

A rumored secret origin has him born in the late 1970’s as a near mutant, irradiated due to the assumption of then current medical advice that he was cancer.

Little did they know how close to correct they were.

A punk in attitude from day one, Joe grew to become a pain in the ass to most authority figures, constantly questioning and raging against everyone’s worldview.

After graduating from Hillbilly High, he eventually married and left to pursue a career for the man in the US Air Force. He traveled the world for well over a decade, only occasionally having to go to war in fun places like Afghanistan.

Eventually shit fell apart. Joe could no longer work for the man. He had to be the cancer in authority’s ass once more. Love went south and the family moved far away, so he had to keep on keeping on.

Wandering, learning, growing, he is now a creator of things. Forever a punk psychonaut that wants to push the boundaries.

Described by several as ‘an unusual child’, she was born in London, England, and currently resides in the North Cotswolds, and area of the UK rich in the Old Ways.

Her magick is rooted in the English Folk tradition, with a liberal sprinkling of Chaos Magick. If Sir Terry had written a prequel to Wyrd Sisters, the young Esme Weatherwax would have borne a remarkable resemblance to our Lori. Many years ago, she met her Gytha Ogg in the form of Anna Curtis, and the two have subsequently embarked on a mission to bring proper Witchcraft back into the spotlight. Theirs is the real deal. Don’t let Lori’s occasionally haughty exterior fool you; it disguises a core of steel.

When Lori isn’t designing oils and other magickal items for the Annex and plotting world domination with Anna, she can be found delivering brutally honest Tarot readings, striding through the surrounding countryside muttering to herself and she forages perfectly harmless herbs and wildflowers, and scaring small children. She also works as a Counsellor (we know. We find it a bit difficult to wrap our heads round this concept too. But she’s actually very good, apparently).

Lori asserts that not all healers are witches, but all witches (the proper ones, anyway) are healers. To no-one’s great surprise, she eschewed more formulaic methods of energetic healing in favour of her own system. Also to no-one’s great surprise, it’s extremely effective, and she has a number of overseas fans of her healing, including clients as far afield as Australia.


Lori Penhaligon

EIC of GZS Presents / oracle & Divination Expert

Benjamin Beardsley

EIC of Babble-On / Writer, Artist, Mystic

Benjamin was born in a Pennsylvania steel town and grew up in poverty in a cult in Appalachian coal country.

At 16 he had a divine epiphany while the local hoodlums were beating him reciting, “You think yer better’n us? Yer just like the rest of us. Yer never going anywhere. ”As he rolled from side to side, fetal against the hail of skill-less shit-kicker kicks and stomps, a beam of light parted the clouds. A choir of angelic voices intoned “Go somewhere! That’s right! You could go somewhere!”

So he took himself off to the Big City, where he bluffed his way into the visual arts department of a magnate school for the arts. A few years after (barely) graduating he accidentally went to clown school in a tragically misguided romantic revenge scheme. While in clown school he was put on academic probation due to his inability to conform or respect authority. He felt that the irony alone was worth the years of student debt. His big takeaways from the experience were: 1. Don’t believe authority figures when they tell you that you’re in a safe space to fail, and 2. Melodrama is the greatest human artform.

Upon graduating he co-founded a couple of experimental theater companies and started writing as a means of exploring alternative forms of theatrical storytelling. 

He has lived in Tokyo since 1997, where he has written a sci-fi adventure series for radio, had a long career as a narrator, toured internationally with an award-winning theater company, worked in PR, education, and advertising. 

Oh, he’s also kind of a big deal in a very small corner of the internet where he likes to imitate a Grand Master Adeptus Majora of the Inner Sanctum of the Chaotes.

Feel free to ask him anything. He freakin’ loves that shit.

He also accepts gifts, especially obscure esoteric nick-nacks from around the globe. 

He and Joe began collaborating to bring the occult to the people in 2018, when their alter-egos met in a universe very near and yet quite unlike this one.

Amy works predominantly in digital art, with a helping of mixed media, acrylic, and watercolor thrown into the mix.

The primary purpose of her work is to encourage the viewers to connect with their own imagination and intuition, to dive into the pieces that speak to them and explore the world within.

Her mission is to crack open the doors to other realities so that magick might once again flourish throughout all existence.

She’s a 39 year old former mental health specialist living in the southwestern United States with my four temple cats. I’ve been a practicing occultist and have studied subjects such as theology and comparative mythology for over 25 years. At this point, I consider my particular flavor of magick to fall into the Chaos Magick spectrum with a heavy emphasis on Technomancy.

She is the founder of The Church of Meow, a digital “cult” designed to spread messages of kindness, compassion, and critical thought and self-assessment through cat content (technically speaking, she’s a horrible cult leader; she always forgets the brainwashing and monetizing parts.)

Amy Dexter

Another Dimension Art / digital Art Director

Bernard Barrett

GZS Staff Editor / Writer / Voted "Most Likely to have a Viking Battle Axe for the Apocalypse"
Caught somewhere between the ethereal and what we believe to be reality, Bernard became interested in the occult and started reading book after book about the paranormal, psychology and magick since he was 10. After eons of education and experience, he has come to the profound realization that he “don’t know shit.” And thus, it has become his calling to share all that he doesn’t know, but much of what he has a strong suspicion of, through writing and art. 
He insists that by using story and art as primary tools of manifestation, we can open every gateway, tear down every wall of conformity and alter reality until magick is once again recognized as an aspect of every day existence.
Based in the high mountains of Colorado, Bernard has spent the past three decades cultivating a career rooted in creativity. Years ago one might catch him with a bag of spray paint cans, creating something spectacular on an underpass or bridge. Today his art and murals are exhibited across the state and he is usually busy building elaborate and innovative sets for escape rooms, haunted attractions and theater productions. He loves teaching and mentoring others. A lot of his time is spent volunteering with a youth organization that builds and operates one of the best haunted attractions in Colorado.