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Ursa Bea in the house!

Ursa offers a truly unique form of divination… Pokemancy! That’s right… pure pop magick that delivers real answers!

While most tarot and oracle decks have around 70some cards, the working deck Ursa uses grows as the pokemon egregore does and is a constantly changing thing. Ursa brings fun and welcoming approach to divination in a method that has been described as uncanny and eerily accurate. Ursa reads with the bluntness found oh so often with the Thoth deck, but with the wonderment and joy of a child.

3-Card Reading  or 5 Runes

5-card reading or 10 Runes

In-Depth Reading (Starter)

In-Depth Reading (Pro)

What can I expect from a Reading?

Readings are done either via Facebook messenger or email at your request, and smaller readings will be answered directly.

For larger readings results can still be expected same day, generally within a few hours depending on the complexity of the readings.

All readings come with pictures of the ‘spread’ as a whole, individual pictures of each card, and Ursa’s interpretations.

Rune readings follow the same structure.


Who is Ursa Bea?

Ursa has been reading tarot since they were 17 and decided after many years of thought and study that it would suit them better as an individual to work with a system more to their own tastes and of their own machinations, and thus this branch of pokemancy was born. Pokemancy is a subcategory of cartomancy that relies on the use of pokemon imagery and lore to craft an answer somewhere in the hidden realms between tarot and oracle card work. 

Ursa is the proprietor of Litwicks Portal, a small blog that focuses on pop culture magic centered around pokemon, based entirely on their own research

Ursa offers a varied range of readings but generally stays away from doing standard tarot spreads unless specifically requested. 

"This reader is full of intuition and has a very unique practice, mixing passions and hobbies with clairvoyance, resulting in a fun new twist on a time-honored tradition…. It takes focus, hard work, and talent to develop your own way of reading that is so in tune as well as accurate."
“Shockingly accurate.”
"I received one of the best and most on-point readings EVER, and I never knew pokemon cards could be so talkative and attentive. I highly and thoroughly recommend you get a reading here.”
“Unique and modern.”