If you have found yourself here, there is a good chance you are in need of her services.

Now offering distance tarot readings and spiritual healing sessions.

Lady Pendragon’s Tarot Reading

The cards are shuffled and cut, and dealt from the top. The spread is intuited. As I turn them over, I am looking for overall indicators of the querent’s current situation, these quickly become apparent. As I am revealing the cards, they ‘find’ their order, and I know if more than one card is reflective of the situation. Once I am satisfied I have enough to begin exploring more fully, I take each card/cluster in turn. So, I might have cards representing work, home situation, external influences and so forth. I work energetically, as I read, I’m looking for cards indicating what the client needs to do to free up any stuck energy.

My interpretations are based on what I know of the cards based on my studies; more than that, they tell me what they need to based on what the client needs to hear. For example, I may pull a card and my attention will be drawn to a seemingly random detail on the illustration. I then know what is being relayed. This will vary from reading to reading, it may only ever be pertinent once. I just know what they’re trying to say. I also pull qualifiers as necessary. Sometimes, my attention might even be drawn to something within the reading room (a ladybird or butterfly might makes its way in for example) and I’ll know if it’s relevant to the querent.

I might get indicators of forthcoming events but, as I say, I believe we are ultimately the Architects of our own destiny. My maxim is that forthcoming events are predicted based on the current situation remaining unchanged, or based on the querent following the advice they are being given. When I say ‘advice’, I don’t mean I tell people what to do! I advise them of what their guides are telling them through the cards. I do read reversals, but sometimes, if the reversal indicates stuck energy that can be addressed by taking a certain course of action, I feel the card ‘wanting’ to turn around to indicate that this is, indeed, what is required.

Once I feel that the reading has come to its conclusion (again, intuition), I type up what I have been told (as diplomatically as possible if necessary!) and send it to the client, together with photographs of the spread as appropriate. I explain what each ‘cluster’ means, and the individual cards in each grouping, so they know why I am giving them the information I am. The report is extremely comprehensive and usually 1-2 pages. I always ask if it resonates, and if there is anything else they wish to know; but I have never had anyone say it doesn’t, or ask for further information to the best of my remembrance!

The reading itself usually takes up to an hour or more. So, together with the report, they’re usually getting a good 2 hours’ worth. Difficult to estimate as it’s up to the guides to determine when all the relevant information has been relayed and properly interpreted, not me! And my ‘knowing’ that they’re in charge is why I cannot do that shyster huck “15 mins for a dollar fiddy” or “3 cards to answer your query!” shite. It’s also why I prefer to leave it until after the reading to ask the querent if that addresses their questions. First off; it’s more impressive when I get it right! Secondly, I do not wish to be influenced by their ‘want’ when I’m interpreting the cards. This is an opportunity for their guides to tell them what they need to hear, rather than what they want to.

Lady Pendragon’s Spiritual Healing Session

Upon booking your healing, Lady Pendragon will contact you personally to ensure you have all the information you require. At the specified time, she will contact you again to make sure you are ready to prepare yourself for the session. Preparation is minimal, but you will need to ensure you are somewhere quiet and comfortable for the duration of the session.

While you make yourself comfortable, she lays out a crystal grid using crystals specifically dedicated to energetic healing. The grid will be unique to you, and she’ll send you a picture once it’s set up. Once you’re settled, she creates a protective energetic symbol specifically for the working and offers a private dedication.

She begins by checking the condition of your chakras for any blockages, using a pendulum. Once she has the necessary information, she then channels healing as appropriate until she perceives the energies are rebalanced. As she channels the healing, you may notice some warmth and/or tingling, maybe coolness, and you might ‘see’ some colours behind your closed eyes or be aware of certain smells. The sensations are pleasant, and perfectly normal and natural. You may feel so pleasantly relaxed, in fact, that you may well find yourself drifting off; people often do! Don’t ‘try’ to stay awake, it will not make a difference to the efficacy of the healing.

Once she is informed the necessary healing has been facilitated, she has a final check with her pendulum before closing off the session. The entire process is facilitated by her guides.

She will then contact you to let you know she has concluded the session and leave you to come fully to in your own time. You will probably feel deeply relaxed during the session, and may well have nodded off! But you will come round feeling relaxed and energised.

Finally, you will receive a full, written report. This will go into the healing in some depth and include any channelled messages Lady Pendragon has received during the session.

You can expect the healing proper to take around 30-45 minutes, and it is recommended you ensure you leave at least 2 hours free after the session in order to feel completely grounded and fully absorb the benefits.

The healing referred to throughout refers to perceived healing on an energetic level only. It makes no claims to address or treat pre-existing physical and/or mental conditions. It is not recommended for those suffering from mental conditions of a delusional nature. Nor should you be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you receive the healing. Booking a healing session with Lady Pendragon assumes you have understood and agree to adhere to these caveats.

Lady Pendragon’s Bespoke Spell Ritual

If you need Magickal assistance in any area of your life but do not have the requisite skill, fear not.

Lady Pendragon appreciates that you realise this and don’t go jumping in any way, assuming the Power is inherent in every ritual item and you can chant a few pretty, non-specific couplets which have been put together with no regard for free will and consequence. This is, at best, inadvisable and at worst, downright dangerous.

The Lady is thankful for your lack of hubris. She never minds seeing a pair of still-smoking pointy boots where a novice once stood; but she finds the careless, energetic meddling rather tiresome.

Those in the know, know Lady Pendragon can be trusted to deliver a ritual of the highest quality. She is the go-to Enchantress for several loyal clients. She tailors each ritual to your specific requirements, devised by Lady Pendragon and using items designed or deemed suitable for the petition she is making on your behalf.

This assumes she accepts the commission, of course.

If the ‘of course’ surprises you, then please be aware that there are unscrupulous and inexperienced practitioners out there.

Lady Pendragon will take no commission which is unrealistic, interferes with free will, or is inadvisable for any other reason.

She will consider all requests and you won’t be judged. You will, however be advised of any reservations the Lady may hold, together with alternative suggestions if applicable. If she does not feel the request is appropriate, she will graciously decline and wish you well.

If the Lady accepts your commission, the work will be completed when it’s done. No sooner, no later.

There are no hidden costs for successful applicants. The quote you receive includes all the items Lady Pendragon will assemble on your behalf, pictures of the ritual and any relevant notes, together with items which may have been empowered during the ritual for your continued use.

Please be aware that Lady Pendragon works with the auspices and her guides. She will prepare for and conduct the ritual at the times they deem appropriate. Please also be aware that this is Magick. Opportunity can be maximised, but it cannot guarantee results.

Lady Pendragon is merely a facilitator; albeit a highly skilled one who has observed extraordinary results for her motivated clients.

What can I expect from a Tarot Reading?

Lady Pendragon does intuitive tarot readings. This means she doesn’t need your life story in order to give you a spooky accurate reading that should give you significant insight into things you should be paying more attention to in order to get the life you want.

Once you send your payment, along with your email, she will read your energy, connect with her guides, and they will tell her what you need to hear.

You will then receive an in-depth report detailing the information she has to relay.

AGAIN, it’s very important you don’t offer too much information. The more Lady Pendragon knows about you, the less objectively she can interpret the information she’s been given.

What can I expect from a Distance Healing?

If you feel like something is holding you back, traumatizing you into immobility, or preventing you from growing to become the best you, Lady Pendragon’s Distance Healing might be just what you need.

"I honestly believe that this reading has come when it is most needed. I am a fairly fresh student of the tarot and have been working recently to tap into my own intuition and so you are correct that I am not overly familiar with the cards. But there is something special to me about an intuitive reading and while I have seen it done for friends I myself have never had one done for me. You have touched on a lot of things that are just spot on - especially things that I don't talk about."
“In one sentence, ‘pretty fucking accurate’. In fact, so much so that I’m a little speechless.”
“Thank you for the spookily accurate af reading.”
“Thank you so so much for my reading, it’s more accurate and helpful than you could imagine.”