Keeping Tarot Real

Manuel is here to aid you on your journey

When people think about witchcraft, it’s far too common to think about detaching from everyday life to focus on spiritual growth.

I am not that kind of witch.

Sure, I practice my craft to commune with the Divine and explore the further reaches of our soul’s journey; but I also hold that an important part of my craft and understanding of the world hinges on the fact that, to lead a spiritually fulfilling life, you also need to be living a materially fulfilling life; you need balance between both, keep a foot rooted in each aspect, in order to properly grow in both.

Let me use my gifts to assist you!

Traditional Reading Session: using the 21 Card spread with Tarot to check on your general circumstances, plus a 5 card oracle reading to check on your attitudes, and an Archetypes reading to see who can help you right now and how. ($60)

The Ladder Reading: meant to explore where you are, where you want to go, and which steps you need to take for it to happen. ($25)

The Womb Reading: exploring the potential you have to turn your ideas into reality and what you need to put them into motion. ($35)

Inner Quest Archetypes Reading: done using the Wild Unknown Archetypes Reading to explore what kind of divine intervention you might need and who can provide it.($50)

 Full Tarot Deck Reading: using the whole Tarot deck to explore your life thoroughly, highlight every aspect that needs working, show you potential outcomes and opportunities, and help you find the guidance you need. Once the reading is over, you can ask five specific questions to be answered with quick 5 card readings ($150)

The Cycle Reading: using the Wild Wisdom Oracles to consult on a project or idea that you have in mind and see its eventual outcome.($20)

Wild Unknown Inner Council Reading: using the three decks by the Wild Unknown to help check on the relationship between your Lower, Conscious and Higher Selves. I would draw a card from the Archetypes Deck to represent each of your Selves at Their current state, then I would check on the Chakras corresponding to each Self by performing a Chakra Check Up Reading with Tarot, and lastly I’d draw a single card from the Animal Spirit Deck to ask the underlying situation going on and to discern how to regain balance.($55)

Hand of Eris Reading: using said spread to map out your goal and its possible outcomes. At your request I can also create a sigil based on your intention and perform a 3 day ritual to activate it in order to help you accomplish it; or if you prefer, I can perform a 9-day Novena ritual to charge. (Reading only – $15; Reading and Ritual – $35; Reading and Novena; Reading and Novena – $75)


Prosperity Reading Session: using special spreads to explore your cash flow and abundance, giving you pointers on how to work with them, and performing an Abrecaminos ritual to remove obstacles and turn things to your favor (Reading only $50, Reading and Ritual – $75)


Forty Servants Reading Session: calling upon the Forty Servants’ guidance and aid to explore your life and empower you. The reading will be done using the Ellipse spread to give you the denouement of events and the necessary information and advice that you need to turn things around; you can choose to add a small 3 card reading to see which Servants you should call upon to have Them grant you Their power and help, or to have me perform a 9-day Novena ritual with the Servants that come up on your behalf. (Ellipse Reading – $35; Extended Reading – $45; Reading and Novena – $95)


Lenormand Reading: Lenormand focuses much more on the events of your life than their hows and whys, thus it’s perfect to easily explore all the possible events that are affecting you and will affect you in time, and to tell you how to best deal with it. You can choosw between a quick 5-Card reading, a more general Box Reading, and the extremely detailed full deck “Grand Tableau” Reading. (5-Cards – $25; Box Reading – $50; Grand Tableau – $150)


Fairy Ring Oracle Reading Session: using the aforementioned deck inspired by the Fae and drawing upon Their wisdom, to answer your questions and concerns. The session entails 3 different readings: First a Mound Reading to explore your situation, then an Oak reading to explore the roots and rammifications of this situation, and the Gifts of the Fae Reading to detail which skills ans potential you have to handle things as well as the factors you can’t avoid; lastly I’ll draw an extra card to see which of the Fae may want to help you during this time and let you know how to contact Them.($85)

Ancestors Reading: calling upon your forebears to grand you Their messages. This is a very thorough 21-Card reading that will help you establish contact with your Ancestors as a collective, as well as discern specific messages from specific members, drawing from your blood Ancestors as well as from those relationships formed by family of choice and those legacies you carry on.($75)

 Birth Chart and Zodiacal Reading: making a report of your birth chart to explore the influences and nuances at play in your life and how they affect them, and then performing a Tarot reading to showcase how to best harness the potentials each placement gives you and how to counter and break through the more limiting or difficult ones. In order to create your chart, I would need your date, time and ($150)

Devil’s Tree Reading: to check the roots of your issues, explore your Shadow, and see the positive elements you can derive from this, as well as the skills, abilities and blessings this darker part of you confers you.($35)

Sakura Cards Reading: employing the eponymous cards from CardCaptor Sakura as a divinatory method. I would use the Celtic Cross Spread for this reading to give you a concise and general overview of your life and situations, and grant you the advice you need.($25)

The Face Your Fears Reading: using a special spread meant to point out what fears are holding you back and how to confront them.($40)

What can I expect from a Reading?

I deliver all my readings via email, as audio files, and as photos of the cards, both to ensure you can see for yourself if you are so inclined and so you can listen to the readings as much as you want. To perform your reading, I will need you to give me your full preferred name, zodiac sign and favorite song so I can focus on you, tap into your energy and deliver your message.


How do I do what I do?

My practice has always been informed by the nuances of living in Venezuela, sometimes by seeing myself as different from the norm, other times by embracing my roots and what connects me to the legacy I carry. Living in a country so filled with both greatness and crisis will definitely make you appreciate each side for what it has and what you live in them, and magic has always been my aid to change things around and look for solutions when I felt none where available. That’s why I started my page, Keeping Tarot Real, to share my worldview and to give what, to help those who need it and provide relief, solutions and advice to those who need them.

I’ve been practicing for the last 17 years, primarily dedicating myself to study Tarot in every form I can find, and jumping from there to explore astrology, oracles, and much more. While I’m very much a chaote at heart, I embrace folk Catholicism, espiritismo marioloncero, and eclectic paganism as the foundations of my practice; I love learning and finding novel ways to explore the world, though.

In a reading, I will help you look at your choices, their consequences and what you’ve been neglecting to help you regain control of your life and live on your own terms, whatever they might be; I will help you find the steps you can take, the possibilities you can work with to attain what you want and what you need, and manifest the fuck out of your best life. You deserve it, why don’t you try it?

"... one of the most accurate and intuitive readers I have ever had the pleasure of working with... "
"Genial excelente lectura 100% recomendado!"
“Top Tier, totally recommended! I love his readings!”
“The only tarot reader I trust. His vibe is so authentic and his readings so helpful that you can't feel bad talking to him”