In the 21st century, we find ourselves steeped in the middle of the eschaton. We're here to prepare you to face the things to come and entertain you while we do it.

We are your apocalypse now.

It's where we find ourselves in today's world...this slow holocaust.

You can all feel it.

Like a whisper in the back of your head, "Something's wrong."

Tales of the eschaton grow ever louder. There is a dystopia inside our imaginations. The culture war has become an infinite maze to traverse. The monoculture has risen and it seeks to drown the creative spirit and crush the masses.

As a chaote, a chaos magician, a's a good time to be alive.

What is ChaosPunk?

A ChaosPunk is a 21st Century technomage, a digital shaman, one foot always in the past, one in the future, and their third eye wide open.

We're equally comfortable talking to both machines and gods. We are a constant challenge to the status quo.

We're punks, raging against the ethereal machine. We are a catchy mainstream label. We are the disorder in the system. We are ChaosPunk.

We are a culture bomb of words, images, and sounds, the trifecta of original magick, and assault on the consensus reality. Soldiers all against the swarm of apathy around us.

Thanks for your time. Things are about to get strange. Welcome to your Apocalypse Now.