What is ChaosPunk?

ChaosPunk LogoNo, it’s not the somewhat niche punk scene from the late 70’s-early 80’s.

It is our genre, our label, our trendy little way to worm into the mind of the uninitiated. We’ve all heard the genre descriptions: cyberpunk, steampunk, witchpunk, mythpunk, etc, that capture the mind of the public with a blend of the real and the surreal. This is our own. This is our sigil. We are ChaosPunk.

If you’re reading this, you likely find yourself familiar with the chaos.

It’s a day to day thing. You never know what’s coming. Your need to express yourself is left unsatisfied. There is nothing out there that truly captures what you want to do. You’re displeased with the world. Angry at it, in fact. You want to change it but you don’t want to use the standard violence that our “leaders” so often resort to when they want to force their paradigms on others. ChaosPunk is exactly what you need. We’re on a mission to change the planet, rage against the monoculture that makes us slaves, to shift the perspective of billions. We’re going to capture their imagination, curate their belief, override their spiritual OS, and shake their cage so they can see they’re trapped.

We are the 21st-century shamans, technomages of a new age, carrying on a proud tradition begun when humanity first stood upright.

We walk into the future, ready to embrace the weird to get shit done, using magick to get results. We’re punks in the classical sense as we’re bucking the status quo of normal and raging against the ethereal machine. We are pure DIY with a fuck the norm aesthetic. Yet we’re also something entirely new. We’re a r/evolution, a brand new breed. Something that many will fear and many will embrace. We follow many paths and use whatever means become available to challenge the consensus reality.

My feeling on the matter is this: words, music, images are the first forms of magick.

We are building this egregore, groundzerosum.com, in which we can all direct that energy and achieve success in the material world doing what we love to do, educating people and maybe opening their mind a bit, and collectively gaining knowledge together.

We have an opportunity here.

People in the world today are starting to question, with intensity, the “truth” being shoved down their throat. Division, disruption, disinformation, fake news, lies, and deception are the rules of the day. They are the tools of the elite who wish to hold onto their power. We have an opportunity to rewrite the OS of humanity but we have to strike now and we need to strike hard. No, we’re not trying to save everyone. We’re trying to help them save themselves.

Is that a lofty goal? Fuck yes. We don’t do small. Go big or go the fuck home.

What do we hope to use groundzerosum.com for?

With your help we want to publish works of all kinds – words, music, and images – through a public venue, groundzerosum.com. It’s a “production label” if you will. Easily digestible and easy to navigate. We’re here to educate, entertain, and with any luck, make a couple of dollars doing the things we love to do.

We will produce e-books (fiction, non-fiction, etc.) on occult type things, a venue for music to be sold digitally, a place to put your art up for sale, a showcase for all chaotes that want to help spread this message. If you are tired of feeling like you cannot change things, then we are here for you. Together, we will change it all.

In the end, the goal is to be entertaining, make enough money so we can not eat fucking ramen noodles all the time, and maybe, just maybe, change a significant portion of the world. At the very least, we’ll have fun fucking with the normies.

More to come. The idea is a living, evolving thing. It’s an entity all it’s own. I’m just asking you to adopt it and let’s see what happens.

Thanks for your time. Things are about to get strange.