Loreley, Episode 18: Life after Da'ath


Simon Faust makes a deal with Mephistopheles and they venture into a dark realm to rectify his mistakes.

Loreley, Episode 18: Life after Da’ath


Sliding suddenly sideways Simon summons his auric sphere.

Mephistopheles looks back to be sure Simon is following.

Simon shoots a chain to link his sphere to Mephistopheles’ and Mephistopheles shoots off into the deep, featureless void.

Simon rubs his talisman as he rushes through null space. A spark disengages from the talisman, staying connected by the finest imaginable filament.

If Mephistopheles notices, he gives no sign.

Meanwhile, on Earth:

Claire is meditating in lotus position on a fat Turkish pillow facing her altar table under the moonlight in her rooftop gazebo.

Frankincense smoke hangs in the air.

Wrapped in purple silk, the grimoire rests in an old wooden box under the altar.

On top of the altar, two cables are flickering light into a black mirror.

Claire hears a tinging sound and slowly opens her third eye. It slowly focuses on a spark hovering in the air halfway between her forehead and the black mirror. As soon as she focuses on it de gets sucked at speed into the surface of the mirror.

“Simon!” She says.

Meanwhile, “elsewhere” in Da’ath:

Loreley continues to fall, breathless and terrified, her mind a blazing confusion of regrets and terror. Unconsciously she clutches at the pendant Claire gave her, and without thinking, without even noticing she screams “Glinda!”

The void swallows the sound.

The void swallows all hope.

Meanwhile, in Simon’s apartment, Loreley, tired, hungry, afraid and angry tells Raven she wants some food.

Raven points her to where Simon keeps his emergency cash, in an envelope inside a copy of Barrett’s The Magus on the top shelf of one of his bookshelves.

Loreley pulls out one of the hundred dollar bills.

“I’m going to get some air and some food.”

“There is a store open on the corner. Come back within an hour. And whatever you do, don’t go into any strange and mysterious shops.” The Raven responds, foreshadowing.

“Jeez. I know. I’m not dumb, you know. I do learn.”

“Ok,” Raven says and drifts like a mist back into its taxidermied body on the rumpled bed.