Loreley, Episode 5: Vortex in Room 23


Simon begrudgingly explained some things to Loreley, like don’t jump into any vortexes.

Loreley, Episode 5: Vortex in Room 23

The room is chilly. Colder than outside. The beds are neatly made but the air is dank.

There is no TV or minibar in the room.

Loreley takes the blue IKEA bag out of her backpack where she put it after nicking it from Simon while he was stealing her coffee.

Using the gardening gloves she tenderly opens the book on the worn bed stand. There is a beautiful but strangely disturbing hand painted glyph in the middle of a sinister mandala.

There’s a knock at the door.

Loreley swallows hard and walks quietly to the door. It’s not Simon. She can feel that it’s not Simon.

She looks out the peephole.

No one is there.

She shakes her head. Maybe it was coming from next door.

She goes back to the book and starts trying to sound out the words scrawled around the strange symbol.

The desk lamp starts flickering.

The knock on the door returns, stronger.

A cold wind blows through the room.

She looks towards the door. Outside the room, she can see the silhouettes of shadowy things moving beyond the curtain.

Her heart is slamming in her chest.

Something seems to be shaking the doorknob, trying to get in.

She looks back towards the book.

A vortex of light opens like a cat’s eye in the space above the book.

An unearthly voice says, “Witch! Let us in, witch! You have something we need!”

The howling wind grows stronger. With a yelp, Loreley jumps into the vortex.