Loreley, Episode 23: Epitaph


Everything went sideways.

Loreley, Episode 23: Epitaph

From outside the door, the sound of two more bodies falling.

Claire appears in ghost form in front of Baz.

“You,” he exclaims.

“No. You,” she says, as Raven flutters into his eyes, dazzling him.

Glinda flickers near Loreley.

“Use the force Loreley! The power is within you,” she says. Loreley looks at the knife. The knife starts to quiver and then leaps across the room like a shot and slamming square into Baz’s forehead. He collapses into the portal. It sucks closed behind him.

“Boss,” the mug wails in despair. He looks down at Loreley with pure rage and tears in his eyes and pulls back his hand to hit her.

His face softens into a puzzled expression and he reaches for something behind his head.

There is a fierce shout and Lilly is in the air behind him driving a flying knee to his neck. He falls and Momoko and Veronika come in right behind him. Momoko bends down over him and looks at him tenderly before she laughs and pulls her sharpened metal chopstick out of the base of his skull.

Star bursts into the room ready to fight, sees the carnage and says, “Sick.”

The ghost of Claire says, “Quickly!”

Loreley, stunned, digs out the ornate glass which she presses with a wince and a squish against Simon’s bleeding wound.


The room is bright, but there doesn’t seem to be anything but light outside the windows. This is the room Simon lives in when he’s not being summoned by someone to do their trivial bidding. He is often haunted by the taunting mocking voice of Mephistopheles asking how he likes it.

Claire passed on, passing on Simon’s immortal soul to Loreley, along with the following benediction:

Anything that fuck could do when he was alive, he can do better now, but whatever you do, don’t trust him….

And to Simon, she said, “See you around. Liar.”

And then she faded from the world.

(In her first act as keeper of Simon’s soul, Loreley summons Simon and commands him to cast the Grimoire into the abyss, which he does with much grumbling).

Still, Simon Faust beat the devil and managed to maintain his immortality for as long as that glass vial stays intact.

And Loreley realized that she did have the power to slip between the worlds at will.

And in times of disassociation, the other Loreley would possess her body and do things that she could never do.

The Wild Grrlz had one very popular summer club banger and they took Loreley with them on their first 23 city world tour.

She kept her stuffed white raven everywhere she went, offering it spirits and talking with it daily.

Glinda intervened with the fate of the world on the god-the-creator level and nudged the balance of collective default unconscious future dream space from the competitive-apocalyptic back towards cooperative-utopian.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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