Loreley, Episode 22: Convergence


Loreley and Simon meet. Simon succumbs to Sheol.

Loreley, Episode 22: Convergence

Loreley clutches the Obsidian knife. It is warm now, almost hot in her hand, and it’s vibrating, humming, glowing from within.

The moon-faced bodyguard senses her on the other side of the Secret door and turns his body sideways against the wall, knees in a soft crouch, hands up and ready.

Two blocks away, Claire’s car gets blindsided by an SUV, gunning it out of an alley. She is slammed sideways into the door and loses consciousness instantly.

Her spirit rises out of her body, sees her sprawled on the seat and says, “Fuck me!”

She sees Marcel, her driver, unconscious over the steering wheel, bleeding heavily from his face, and she sees three of Baz’s henchmen in the other car, two of them putting on silk gloves so they can avoid touching the grimoire when they take it.

“Fuck,” she reiterates, then she sits in the lotus position and casts a circle of shining light around her car.

Simon watches the crystal ball on the edge of his seat as the massive black cloud, the eschaton cape of Saturn thunders through the valley of Gehenna, snuffing out all light anywhere.

Simon feels an incredible nostalgia tearing at his heart.

“Change the channel,” he sobs.

The channel changes and Simon sees himself in a vast, high columned carved stone hall walking purposefully towards an ancient wooden table. On the table is a contract written on a parchment in cursive Proto-Phonecian, and signed by Simon in his own blood.

He intones the name of Mephistopheles three times and Mephistopheles materializes across the table from him.

(In his peripheral vision, Simon on the sofa notices that Mephistopheles has disappeared.)

“Now what?” Mephistopheles asks in close up.

“I’ve decided to cancel the contract,” Simon answers, as if to the viewer.


“You heard me. I’m nullifying this pact right now. And I know you know you have to let me out of it, because you have to grant my wishes, right?”

“Let me guess. You’ve been talking to Glinda? I don’t think you’ve properly thought this thr–”

“I’m sorry. Did I say I wanted to have a discussion? I didn’t think I was being ambiguous. The contract is null and void. Make it so.”

“You are so going to regret-”

“Come on. Will you just fuckin’ do it already.”

“You lost that talisman didn’t you? That’s too bad. It might have-”

“For fuck’s sake! Will you st-”

The heavies use a laser cutter to cut open the smashed passenger side door, which they pull off with a grapheme silk cable and winch.

Claire meditates calmly in the ether above her unconscious body.

The henchmen don’t see either of her.-

“Where’d the bitch go?”

“Ne’er mind that now. Boss said he needs that book post haste. Convergence, remember.”

“Bloody fuck of a nuisance. Why is that one always so freakin’ lucky?”

“Goddamn witches, man. Slippery fuckers.”

They grab the box from the floor next to Claire’s feet and open it. The bigger one rips the antique purple silk altar cloth the grimoire is wrapped in open, sees that it’s the book, grunts and closes the box.

Loreley crosses herself with her left hand, then flips the hook that opens the door. The panel opens, and she rushes through, leading with the knife.

The knife flies, pulling Loreley along behind it…

Simon materializes into the arms of the moon-faced bodyguard.

Simon thinks “Whoa! My place? How did I-” before the knife plunges up under his sternum and cleaves right into his heart.

The body spasms in pain that the mind mercifully cannot comprehend.

Loreley recoils and screams.

In one continuous, fluid movement the heavy drops Simon, grabs Loreley by the wrist, disarms her and throws her hard into the room.

Baz, sitting in Simon’s mesh office chair, chuckles and stuffs some popcorn into his maw.

Time slows to a stop. Loreley notices that the air takes on a crystalline quality. Everything glows.

Glinda appears in tiny fairy form. And then she disappears again.

Claire appears. “Loreley, I’m going to need you to catch some of Simon’s heart blood in that vial before his soul crosses the veil, ok?”

Loreley nods.

Time returns to Simon’s room.

Simon and Loreley both thud into the ground.

“Excellent!” Baz says, lighting a black tallow candle in the shape of a skull on an altar he has improvised on Simon’s desk.

The moon-faced man tries to pick up the knife, but it burns his fingers. He yelps and kicks it into the room.

Loreley reaches for it, and he stomps hard on her hand.
She screams.

The henchmen run in panting heavily, carrying the book in the cask between them.

They step over Simon’s thrashing, gurgling body and set the box on the table.

“Well?” Baz asks, indicating his displeasure with their lingering presence.

They avert their gaze and back out of the room, the bigger one tripping over Simon as they go.

Baz delicately takes the book out with velvet gloves.

The book blows open and through the portal, a mad howling blows through Gehenna and Saturn approaches.

“Yes! Come, Father! Welcome!” Baz chants in a barbarous language.