Loreley, Episode 21: The Looking Glass


Things heat up and confrontations abound as the story winds to a conclusion.

Loreley, Episode 21: The Looking Glass

Simon looks into the flickering light coming from the crystal ball. The fuzzy static resolves into several different stories simultaneously.

He sees himself, unconscious and fetal inside a dull colored astral orb, zipping behind Mephistopheles through the valley of Sheol, something massive and terrifying thundering towards them.

On Earth, Loreley makes it out of the old office building, past the guard, and out onto the street unnoticed.

On the way to the corner store, she notices a long line of beautiful people waiting to get past a shirtless doorman in a top hat and snakeskin suit in front of a club across the street.
A neon sign above the door says “The Looking Glass”.
Loreley is curious, but she remembers what the Raven told her and is just about to hurry past to the store when she hears her name called out from the line.

Veronika and Momoko are waving to her from the door of the club. They push past the doorman, duck under the velvet rope and wave her over. Loreley runs across the street and Veronika and Momoko take her hands and pull her to the front of the line. The doorman unhooks the velvet rope and before Loreley has a chance to catch her breath they’re going down a backlit tunnel of a staircase and into a massive cavern of a club with mirrored walls and floors…
Across the street, a black stretch SUV pulls up in front of the Art Deco office building.

A large, moon-faced man with meaty, calloused hands gets out and holds the door open for Baz’s massive frame.
In the void, Claire centers herself, closes her eyes and focuses on the chakra below her navel. She takes a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she tumbles back into her body with a jolt.
Dazed, she gasps once before her body remembers the protocol and she consciously does a sequence of yogic breathing techniques to bring herself back from the void. It’s nearly half an hour before she has the presence of mind to scry. She peers back into the darkness, the mists shift, she sees the whole picture and understands.

“Shit!” She says. She calls down to her driver, grabs the gilded wooden box that the grimoire is resting in and walks with purpose to the elevator.

Across the brane, in a world very near this one, Loreley is in the Lighthouse, rinsing her face in the restroom sink trying to clear her head. “Get it together Loreley! You can do this! You can and you will do this!” She looks into her own eyes in the mirror. Her face distorts, the background gets darker. Her hair color changes, she recognizes herself and recognizes that isn’t her at all. She touches the surface of the mirror and feels the warmth and pressure of her fingertips pressing against her fingertips from the other side.
On the other side of the mirror, Loreley looks at herself with a complex feeling of pity, disdain, and nostalgia.

The face in the mirror begins to glow. Loreley squints into the reflection. It flares up and she finds herself in pure white space.
A figure walks towards her, glowing gold. She recognizes Glinda without knowing where she recognizes her from.
Glinda is holding a large, gold embossed menu.

“Your table is ready. Right this way.”

She leads Loreley into a very high ceilinged atrium where the other Loreley is also walking towards a table.

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