Loreley, Episode 19: Loreley in the Lighthouse


Simon follows Mephistopheles into a dark and foreboding place. Claire is hijacked. Loreley calls out to Glinda. Evil Loreley gets hungry.

Loreley, Episode 19: Loreley in the Lighthouse

Impossibly, through streaming tears, Loreley sees a tiny light flickering in the darkness. The flickering is strangely soothing as it fixates her attention and her mind flashes back…

Loreley at fourteen. In a different life she could have been a dancer but in this life, she was more interested in understanding the things she saw that no one else did.

She never put the effort it would take into being popular, was never really interested in what the other girls were into. Not really. She made little efforts for a while, but it never seemed worth the effort.

Now she’s sitting in the classroom, staring at the sky out the window.

The teacher is calling her name, but she isn’t present to answer.

The other kids titter and giggle as the teacher repeats her name, but Loreley is flying above the clouds, dancing with the moon and stars.

Loreley is five the first time an animal speaks to her. She is lost in the woods. A white rabbit hops out of the bushes.

“Loreley, follow me.” It says and darts off, leading Loreley back to the family picnic.

Loreley and her friends at nineteen. Telling scary stories by lantern light in the cemetery.

Loreley sees the shadows before her friends notice anything is wrong.

Then the terrors grip them, and the madness comes.

By reflex, by pure intuitive reflex, Loreley summons a circle of light. The shadows fade back into the darkness.

Her friends never mention that night again.

Loreley tries religion but finds it shallow, empty, and contrary to her experience.

But she is visited at various times by spirits in a variety of forms. She learns that she can slip between worlds with very little effort and even less control.

The shadows keep coming back though, and she can feel herself cracking a little.

She tries therapy, but reading her shrink’s mind is off-putting and creates something like the squeal of feedback in her brain.

Through the darkness, she sees the earth below her and begins falling towards it.

With a jolt, she sits upright.

Revolting cigar smoke hangs like a celestial nebula in the air.

The bar is full of people from all kinds of backgrounds. There is a beautiful man playing cards with several dull looking people with dull auras at a long table along one side of the room, and a bar being tended by a handsome and beefy bartender.

Three women are dancing wildly together on the dance floor to a tropically flavored club banger.


She looks across the table into Veronika’s concerned looking ice blue eyes.

“Do you need some water?”

“Yes, please!”

As Veronika walks to the bar, Simon staggers out of the back room, his trench coat and hat smoldering.

Loreley feels like she recognizes him, but somehow she can’t read his aura.

This must be the guy Veronika brought her here to meet.

Simon’s eyes meet hers across the crowded room.

In her mind, she can clearly hear him ask, “How did you get in here?”