Loreley, Episode 16: Baz


Simon went to hell to find the real Loreley.

Loreley, Episode 16: Baz

In which shit goes all manly suddenly for no apparent reason…

Simon can’t see. The limited air is hot and thick and lacking oxygen.

His arms are pinned behind his back and he gets shoved roughly into the back of a stretch SUV limousine.

The hood is whipped off of Simon’s head by a massive, unsmiling Asian man with an evenly sheared crewcut and beard encircling his moon-shaped face.

Simon starts to sit up and is slapped back onto the floor with a painfully hard open palm. Simon wonders how this guy hit him so hard from a sitting position.

“You can stay on the floor,” says a fat man in a tuxedo. He slurps an oyster from a silver platter piled with crushed ice.

“Rumor has it that you have taken possession of a certain rare volume,” he continues.

“Repossessed, more like,” Simon says from the floor and winces as the bodyguard makes as if to hit him again.

The fat man nods and washes down the oyster with some champagne. “I’m going to be charitable and assume that you didn’t know that your grandfather lost that book to me in a wager, of sorts. That book is mine. The Equinox is on Saturday. I’ll be needing it by Friday. Three days should be plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements.”

The bearded heavy shoves a linen-finished business card into Simon’s inner jacket pocket opens the door to the limo and throws Simon out onto the street in front of the office building he lives in.

Fuck, Simon thinks, as the pain subsides and he staggers to his feet. Fat bastard knows where I live now.

Meanwhile, upstairs in his room, the White Raven wakes up.

“Loreley! Loreley! He’s here,” s/he says.

Loreley’s eyes snap open. She squeezes her fingers around the handle of the obsidian knife and goes to hide behind the door.