Loreley, Episode 14: The Two Loreleys


Loreley goes to Hell and meets Glinda, the Good Witch. Simon realizes some untoward shit is happening.

Loreley, Episode 14: The Two Loreleys

The sun rises above the park bathing everything in pink and gold as the world transitions from gray to color.

Loreley turns in a slow circle, studying the buildings beyond the trees surrounding the park.

“Now what?” she asks the Raven, who is nearly transparent in the rising sunlight.

Raven closes hir eyes and concentrates. A faint trail of sparkling light appears, leading from Loreley out of the park into to city.

Raven’s voice sounds thinner and more distant now too, “…the trail leads to Simon’s place. Wait for him there. Loreley, this is important. You are the only one who can stop him from…”

“Raven!” Loreley says, feeling suddenly lonely and more than a little scared as Raven fades completely.

Loreley feels a weight settle inside her backpack, she opens it.

There, along with her gardening gloves, the Venetian vial, and the chipped obsidian knife, is the stuffed White Raven from the Curio Shop.

Warm tears come to her eyes, and she zips up the bag and stumbles along the shining path trying to figure out how she is going to stop Simon from destroying the world.

Meanwhile, back in the curio shop…

Simon is burning some herbs in a polished seashell, chanting and blowing the smoke over the translucent form of Loreley, lying fetal on the floor under the spiral staircase.

He stops, exhausted, as sunlight begins to flood into the room through the windows.

“Dammit Loreley,” he mumbles. “What did you do?” He rubs his eyes and goes over to the trap door in the floor. He thinks about shouting down for Doc, thinks about some of the things that might come if he calls and decides against it.

While Simon is staring down into the darkness, Loreley’s ghost sits up, sees Simon and silently backs away from him, terrified that he will see her.

She backs into the wall and slides sideways along it, past rows of shelves holding bizarre antiques. She feels something cold and smooth behind her. She freezes, recognizing the thing behind her as a door. She turns and sees it, hewn of rough iron, barred with an iron bar and locked with a massive padlock.

A single peephole is set into the door just above the top of Loreley’s head.

Standing on her toes, she still can’t reach it to see through, but quite by accident, she lifts up into the air until she can see deep darkness on the other side.

She notices something stirring, something massive, squirming, writhing in the deep darkness on the other side…

Simon looks over from where he is sitting to where Loreley’s ghost was lying.

“Fuck,” he says, getting up as quickly as his aging legs will let him.

Holding his talisman he can faintly make out a trail leading from the stairs to the back wall. At the wall he turns and sees Loreley’s ghost floating above the floor, staring at the wall.

The seething thing on the other side becomes aware of Loreley’s eye, and like a giant sea serpent swimming out of the depths, it rushes towards her. She opens her mouth to scream and it swallows her.

Simon sees her ghost flicker once and disappear.

“FuckfuckFUCK!” Simon shouts. Behind him, something dark and slithery skitters up from the catacombs.