Loreley, Episode 12: An Eschaton Interlude


Simon works on plan B with Doc. Loreley spoke more with the White Raven.

Loreley, Episode 12: An Eschaton Interlude

Claire slaps Simon sharply across the face.

“I told you once,” she explains.

Simon blinks a few times, certain he wasn’t here an instant ago.

Which one is this, he wonders, glaring at Claire.

“What am I doing here again?” He asks, more charmed than annoyed.

She rolls her eyes and turns her open-backed dress to him as she adjusts her hair in in the large mirror on her vanity.

“I want to go out.”

“Not my problem.”

“Simon,” she swivels back to face him, her makeup somehow completely fresh, her eyes gently piercing his soul. “Remember that time in Epsilon 23?”

Simon smiles in spite of himself.

“Good times, right?” She says, reading his mind. “Look, all I’m asking is you just kill my sister and open a portal so I can live a little. It gets so stifling in here.”

A thin mist of perspiration on her skin glints in the golden twilight shining in through the open roof.

Simon looks up at the passing clouds, then back at her. “It’ll cost you.”

She narrows her eyes, leans forward, parting her lips, showing her cleavage, exposing the line of her neck. “Do your worst, big boy,” she says and licks her lips. Simon understands he’s been beat…

Meanwhile on Earth…

Simon is driving his Rambler along a twisty two-lane country road with deep, grassy ditches and cow fields on either side of it.

In the darkness, he almost doesn’t see the woman in the black dress sprawled across the road. He pumps the breaks and stops literally inches from her head. He doesn’t recognize her shape right away. She is tall and thin with brown skin and long wavy hair.

He takes it his pocket watch and checks the time. It’s 3:33 in the dead of night.

The woman wakes up, tries to sit up, bangs her head on the fender, acts on reflex, and hits her head on the ground.

She rolls over, slowly sits up holding her head.

Simon catches his breath. Vanessa! His Achilles heel, his Helen of Troy.


Simon had just been seduced by his sometimes nemesis-sometimes partner-in-crime Claire, into murdering her twin sister, Claire.

On his way to trick Claire into opening a portal for her doppelganger, Simon sees Vanessa walk past him on the street in a major city.

His biology goes berserk. He completely forgets his primary mission and decides that he must make this tragically beautiful woman smile if it’s the last thing he does.

Mephistopheles (the devil who owns Simon’s soul, but is bound to grant him his every wish as long as he’s alive) appears and says:

Do you want my opinion?


Don’t do it. You’ll end up trying to save her, fail and get killed in the process, and all without fulfilling the plan, Simon. The Plan! Your death will be for nothing Simon! You hear me? For Nothing!

“Yeah, yeah.”

Simon is busy objectifying Veronica’s gorgeous ass as she walks past him, oblivious to his existence.

“I’ve made up my mind, M. I want her.”

Nothing good will come of this, I pr-

“Shush! If I want to moralize I’ll go to a fucking church. Now fuck off and make it happen.”

Mephistopheles disappears in an angry puff of sulfur and coal smoke.

Simon has a massive coughing fit.

Vanessa turns around, sees Simon coughing while continuing to stare at her with wide, bloodshot eyes.

She scowls slightly, and rushes forward, smack into the path of an oncoming bus.

Simon leaps out of his body and onto the astral plane screaming, cursing Mephistopheles, as he rushes to try to retrieve her soul before it disappears behind the silent black curtain forever.

There is a flash of lightning.

Simon wakes up at the wheel of his car.

He hits the breaks just before he hits the woman in the black dress lying in the middle of the road.

“What the fuck?!”

“What the fuck what?!” Asks Loreley, jerking awake in her seatbelt next to him.

“I thought- nothing. I might be hallucinating.”

“Is that a thing you do a lot, Senpai? Hallucinate?”

Simon shakes his head, focuses on the road, says nothing.