Loreley, Episode 11: Clues from beyond


We delved deeper into the past of Simon as we met his Sempai. Loreley started talking to a Raven.

Loreley, Episode 11: Clues from beyond

The loft is filled from the floor to ceiling with books, manuscripts, and scrolls.

Simon’s mimeographed copies are spread out on a low table, lit by an art nouveau Tiffany lamp.

Doc picks up one of the pages, squints at it, sniffs it.

“Is that coffee?”

“Don’t ask.”

Doc licks a finger and rubs at a fleck of coffee, frowning a little as it smudges.

“Hm. I suppose you tried scrying it?”

“I can’t touch the fucking thing. Being in the same space with it practically gives me the shits. But yeah, I had it looked at.”

“Hm. Well, I need to meditate on this but you want my first impressions?”

“Of course.”

“It feels to me like it comes from the other side. Like something wants to shred its way through the veil. And I’m guessing that friend of yours downstairs is the missing piece.”

“Yeah. That’s kinda what I’m thinkin’.”

“What did you trade for it?”

“Me? … Nothing?”

“Don’t bullshit me. Simon. Look at me. Look at- Oh my gods. Simon. Don’t tell me you- she has no idea what you tricked her into, does she?”

“Tricked? I think it was all pretty clear and above board. Besides, I have a plan.”

“So, let me guess. She somehow volunteered to sacrifice her soul, so you feel like that makes you inculpable?”

“Look, I told her she didn’t want to get mixed up in it and she pretty much just insisted. I think it’s probably basically just her destiny.”

“I swear to gods, Simon. Sometimes I don’t know why anyone likes you.”

“It’s my charm.”

“You were never the brightest of the Fausts”

“Noted. Oh! Do you still have the Lamp of Solomon?”

“Not to get you out of this bullshit I don’t.”


“I hope you have a strong plan B.”


Downstairs, Loreley is listening to the White Raven.

“Simon is using you, Loreley. Playing you like a puppet.”

“But why?”

“He needed your soul to get that book so he could open the gate to Armageddon, probably for a presidency or some office. Hell on earth Cindy. He’s on the side of hell on earth.”

“No! That can’t be right.”

“But you can stop him, Loreley. You have to stop him. Put on that ring.”

“What ring?”

“Loreley, this is no time for games. Put on that witch’s ring you stole.”

Loreley gulps and puts on the ring. The room dims as if it was lit by red luminescence. She hears a ringing sound. Following the sound she notices something glowing on a shelf. A brilliantly colored small Venetian vial, cobalt blue and vibrant purple emblazoned in gold with a spun glass cap.

Loreley feels a presence next to her. She knows it’s the white raven and somehow it’s somehow also an androgynous, paper white, human with flowing white hair and shining white eyes.

“Yes, that vial. I think that will do nicely,” the Raven whispers in her ear.

Loreley slips the vial into her backpack which appears black like coal glowing red from inside.

The door to the loft opens and Simon starts down the stairs.

“Thanks, Doc,” he says over his shoulder.

“Shit. I’m not doing it for you.”

“Still. Just sayin’. Loreley? Loreley? Oh great. Now, where did she go?”

“I don’t know, but I’m not sure which one of you I’m even rooting for at this point.”

Loreley is standing, trembling in the corner of the shop. The Raven stands next to her, gaze down-turned, index finger to his lips.