Loreley, Episode 10: Curios and Revelations


Simon had some very strange dreams including pink nipple talk.

Loreley, Episode 10: Curios and Revelations

Simon drives across the city almost entirely down side streets and alleys.

“You said you would tell me everything, Senpai,” Loreley says, still disconcertingly dressed, absently playing with the medallion Claire gave her.

Simon grimaces in the darkness.

“Ok. I’m an open book. Ask me anything.”

“Where we going now?”

“To see my… Senpai.”

“What does the book do?”

“Jesus Christ Loreley, you opened it, you should know.”

“So it’s like a portal to another world?”

“No. Yes. Kind of. Not exactly, no…”

Loreley broods for a minute.

“Open book, huh?” She grumbles.

“So tell me about Claire.”

“Oh god. I don’t know very much about her. Why do you want to know?”

“She’s obviously a very powerful, um, witch.”


Loreley stares silently out the window. Simon hopes the quiet lasts. It doesn’t.

“You said the book was in your family a long time.”


“Why? How? Where did it come from?”

“Long story.”


“Do you know my full name, Loreley?”

“Simon Faust, right?”

“Right. That doesn’t mean anything to you?”

“Um. No?”

“Hold on. We’re here.”

He parks next to an odd curio shop in a narrow cobblestone alley. It’s the only storefront in an alley of gated backdoors and dumpsters.

“Ok, Loreley, again-”

“I know. Don’t speak unless spoken to. Jeez.”


“And try not to get in trouble. I know. Come on.”

As they get out of the car the light goes on in the shop. They can hear the sound of several locks being unlocked. A stalky older man in a tracksuit opens the door.

“Simon you old bastard! I knew it was you!”

“Hey, Doc. Long time.”

“Not long enough, though, am I right? Look at you! Is that a new suit? Let me guess. It was a gift. Come in! Wait!”

He looks at Loreley and his tone changes completely. He seems to look into her soul. She wants to run, to hide, but somehow she’s fascinated, like a mouse staring into the eyes of a snake. She shudders.

“Hm,” Doc says. “I don’t think I want to know.”

“I’m Loreley,” she says, extending her hand.

Doc looks at it, considers, then deliberately shakes it.

“Well, come on in then.”

The curio shop is an elegant clutter of antique curiosities. Porcelain faced dolls, antique lamps, taxidermied animals, hand painted tarot cards-

As Loreley looks closer she notices that they are all arranged in little tableaus.

Doc brings her a cup of earthy smelling tea in a rough-hewn clay cup.

“Good for the internal balance,” he says.

“Loreley, are you going to be ok down here by yourself?” Simon asks.

“Sure.” Loreley shrugs.

Doc leads Simon up an iron and mahogany spiral staircase and they disappear into the loft.

As soon as the door closes behind them a taxidermied white Raven turns its head and looks at her.

“Loreley,” it says “We have to talk…”