Dispatch #1, Danger: Magick

To any and all who come across these words:

Hi! Great to meet you!

Magick, huh? What a mindfuck.

So let’s talk about unfucking your mind so that you can do magick without getting in your own way or fucking up your life any worse than it already is. Yes. Magick is dangerous. Anything real is. Magick, with a k, to differentiate from sleight of hand illusions. This is something far bigger.

Magick is dangerous.

If someone tells you it isn’t dangerous, they are ignorant, delusional, or deliberately lying to you. It is up to you to figure out which adjective does or does not apply to any source that disputes the danger of magick. The point is that magick is dangerous.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. You should, but you should figure out what you are doing. Besides, you’ve already been doing magick for quite some time, and not just you. Magick never totally went away, it’s just been suppressed and mislabeled where it still survived.

You do it. You may or may not be conscious of doing magick, but you do magick. Congratulations, you’ve been a wizard the whole time.

If you have come to the point of consciously wanting to try magick, congratulations and good luck. This means you’ve decided to more consciously direct the flow of magick in your life. Hopefully, in a way that actually helps you. You probably want to amplify it as well, but first…

Magick. Is. Dangerous.

So, learn how to use it safely. It’s getting stronger, can’t you feel it? Stronger, stranger, and wilder. Important to know how to handle it. Magick may be your best chance at survival.

You read right. Survival. You had that sick feeling of recognition in your gut, didn’t you? The knowledge, that yes, this is indeed about survival and not everyone will survive. At the pit of it all, knowing that you fucking do want to survive. Those recognition moments are important. Pay attention to them and listen to what they tell you. Listening is an important magickal skill.

Now that I have your attention directed at how serious this is, let me be clear that I don’t intend to be a buzzkill.

Magick is also fun as fuck and you’ll have a hell of a time no matter what I say. That’s as it should be. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the ride. However, there are things you should know.

1. You’re wrong.

At any point in your life, there will be things that you hold to be true that you will later find out to be untrue. There will always be at least one thing that you are wrong about. This is an inescapable fact of life.

2. It’s good to be wrong.

When you figure out that you are wrong about something, you are given a chance to discover something better. You get to learn something better if you so choose. You want to make your life or yourself better in some way, right? If you were totally satisfied with your life, you wouldn’t be interested in magick at all.

3. You lie to yourself.

Basic psychology. Everyone has psychological bullshit accumulated during their lifetime. Avoidance, denial, delusions, maladaptive coping mechanisms, etc. Every person has their own special combination.

4. You should figure out how you are lying to yourself.

When you know what’s going on in your head, you can avoid sabotaging yourself. You can figure out how to actually make your life better without getting in your own way. This is how you learn to handle and direct powerful reality altering forces without ruining yourself. Figure out your strengths, figure out your weaknesses. It’ll be a lifelong* process but it’ll be worth it and you won’t be bored.

5. You will fuck up, over and over.

Learn from your fuck-ups, and think about what you are doing before you do it. After you do whatever it is that is magick for you, go back and look at what happened. Look for the holes in your logic. Look for the weak points in your plans. Find what you are good at.Or not. You will Do whatever the fuck you want.

I just want you to be smart, healthy, and successful, but only you can figure out what that means for you.

Next time, chaos!


Tia Marie

*length of life may vary.

Tia Marie (WitchHymn) is a bit of a new thing and no one is quite sure what to do with her. They all agree she’s cute but oddly terrifying and they don’t understand her methods, so they’ve decided to stay out of her way while she does whatever it is that she does. It’s safer for everyone that way.

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