GZS Creative Spotlight: Matt Meade

Matt Meade is a force to be reckoned with.

His website, chaostarot.com, is a veritable buffet of cool tools to use in your magick workings. He’s enabling the 21st-century shaman to do their works. By definition, he is an integral part of the ChaosPunk r/evolution. A coding nerd, chaote with a desire to make life easier for us magick practicing folks.

He’s developing a Tarot Deck.

The World

Matt is currently hard at work on a number of things. Of interest to most, he’s developing a tarot deck of current practitioners of chaos magick. You can check out his work on the deck here. If you want to throw your hat in the ring to become one of the cards, sign up!

Matt is also a code nerd and likes to make generators. I’ve used these myself on several occasions and they are invaluable. Want some quick, down and dirty, tech-related magick? This is the place to go.

Matt has been active in the chaos magick community for a while now and it’s about the time his name was put out there.


The FoolGZS: If you had one goal for your work, what do you think that would be?

Matt: All of my work is for self-improvement. When I want to draw better, I start an art project. When I want to learn a new coding thing, I start a new website. I’m always trying to accumulate skills.

GZS: What got you into chaos magick in the first place?

Matt: I read a West Memphis 3 article by Damien Echols. It was my first actual exposure to the occult that didn’t make it sound really dumb and fake. He wrote about using magick to stay sane in prison. From the article, I learned a few phrases, took them to Google, and soon found chaos magick. That was Thanksgiving of 2015.

GZS: What was your opinion of magick and the occult before that?

Matt: Before that, I had only met some fuzzy bunny Wiccan-types.

GZS: What was the first time you actually realized the magick was working?

I was working from home freelance at the time. I was struggling with lack of hours, which left plenty of time to pour myself into Liber Null Practice. My first magick work finally landed me the best job I ever had. It literally fell into my lap.

Matt has been a practicing chaos magician ever since.

Check out all his work over at chaos-magick.com, chaostarot.com, and his generator here. He also has a few future works ready to roll. Keep an eye out for this one.

Check back next month for our next creative spotlight.