Chaos Magick: The Forty Servants

Behold, the Forty Servants.

Per the creator, Tommie Kelley, the forty servants is a magick and divination system. Near as I can tell, this is pure chaos magick in corporeal form. Similar to the ancient art of the Tarot, the Forty Servants is all that and something else. They are what is known in chaos magick circles as servitors, a created “being” that is designed for a purpose. The entity has the functionality of whatever the creator has imbued it with and its capabilities are limited only by the amount of energy put into it by the creator or user.

These are not things you just use.

It’s advised for you to clear your mind and center yourself before diving into a magical practice. That’s good advice for anything you do in your life. Tommie advises that you look at the card images and see if they bring any insights well before you even read about what they are and how to use them.

What are the Forty Servants?

Well, I can’t answer any better than the Tommie himself:

Firstly, The Forty Servants are forty individual archetypes, ideas or representations of energies that can be used for divination purposes. For example, you can shuffle the deck, pick out cards, and then lay them out in a predetermined spread. By analysing the cards position in the spread and then looking up what the card represents you can gain some insight into the question asked.

Secondly, The Forty Servants can also be used in your day to day life to increase or decrease the amount of energy or influence that each Servant represents. This is known in some circles as magick, but it goes by many names.

You can use The Forty servants exclusively for divination, or exclusively for magick, or you can use them for both, it’s totally up to your own needs and preferences. If divination doesn’t interest you then the magick side will still serve you just as well, and the opposite also holds true.

But the above descriptions are only of their uses and not of their nature. So, what exactly are The Forty Servants?

At the outset I had a very definite answer to what the exact nature of the Servants was: “The Forty Servants are servitors;” but these days I am not so sure. These days it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what they are, and the more I try, the more I get the feeling that I am somehow missing the point, and in many ways I am only limiting them by trying. But defining a servitor is as good a place as any to begin, so let’s start there.

A servitor is commonly described as a thought-form. Personally though, I prefer to see a servitor as an idea. Servitors are created in order to fulfil a particular purpose or perform a certain function. So in our case, each of The Forty Servants has been given a particular role, or power, so that they can be used to aid or guide you. Some Servants represent protection, or increased good luck, while others are imparted wisdom and knowledge, some are for personal development and many others things.

You can read more, here, on Tommie’s site. Be sure to mill around and discover the treasure trove of information that can be found. There is a lot of fascinating info to be found there.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out The Grimoire of The Forty Servants.

Tommie just recently released this definitive book to give you the complete down and dirty on how to use the decks for divination and magick purposes. Also, let’s face it, the art alone is worth the purchase. I think it’s truly amazing work and well worth the price to purchase these.

Bottom line: check out Adventures in Woo Woo and all the wonderful, fantastic things that you can get there. You won’t be disappointed.


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