Abbreviated Guide to GZS

GZS is a growing entity.

We are a monthly (current-plan) e-zine. We will also be publishing bi-weekly serialized entertainment during the month. That means you may have several areas around the e-zine/website that you visit. Here’s a brief rundown of what the fuck is going on. This will probably be updated…at some point.

Home Page

See the theme, check out the top shots, browse the site. Find yourself.

  • About – Info about us you may find useful

  • Contact Us – Got beef? Wanna say hi? Wanna bitch? This is the page.

Magick Words

This is where you’ll find all the articles, spotlights, serial fictions, and other things of interest that allow us to tell a swell story.


This is where we put links to sites we like and we suggest you check out. Tons of cool shit!


This is, of course, the place to find things to submit and all the requisites that go with that.

HyperSigils & Store (

Check out some of the coolest art and services for your occult needs on the interwebs.

  • Sound Machine – Partnered with Apostate Media, we deliver fresh sounds to help you stay the course.

  • OccutCast – Entertaining, low calorie, can’t be beaten – check out our occult flavored podcast, syndicating the best stuff out there to you.

  • Artist’s Alley – If you have a passion for artistic endeavors, this is a must visit.

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