Boomers vs. Millenials for the Fate of the Future


Angrily they scream. Many feel the generational divide is growing in a way it never has before. The Boomer generation and the Millennial generation are at war. Alex Foley over at Pulp sums it up in detail from the perspective of her generation and I couldn’t agree more with her words. So much so that […]


We are not your guru.


Those who claim to know what’s best are usually those who desire control. We want to free your mind, not arrest it. One thing that was imperative in beginning GZS was that it be a source of perspective, not truth. It was never anyone’s intention that we give you rules to live by nor rituals […]

Immanetize the Eschaton


Changing your world using chaos magick principles People in chaos magick circles always shout the refrain, “Immanetize the eschaton!” In fact, many groups’ sole dedication is to that and that alone. For those not in the know, this sounds extremely scary, and like a bunch of people are messing with the occult to bring about […]

Chaos Magick: Sigils


Chaos Magick: What Are Sigils? Simply put, sigils are the crypto-language of the occult and you should have a basic understanding of them. Chaos Magick is not hard to do. In fact, you’ve probably already done it. In its most basic form, it’s simply art infused with the willpower of the creator. It’s a matter of believing […]



Celebrations! There seems much to celebrate this year: – Esoteric Horticulture Herewith for a Christmas card, a picture of The Three Witches of Chateaux Chaos. These three Mandragora Autumnalis have taken seven years from seed to finally all flower at once for Solstice. They usually sprout around Samhain, last year the largest one produced a […]

Nov Blog


Election Address. The address for the 12th December UK General Election follows near the end of this blogpost. In the meantime, herewith a couple of  more important matters of Cosmic and Global Significance: – Progress continues with the quest to replace the current apocalyptic scientific creation myth with a more realistic and more philosophically satisfying […]

Samhain Blog


Arte & Magic Herewith a Wendfire Chalice for inauguration at Samhain. At the Midsummer Solstice make a Wendfire of nine woods well dried, Silver Birch, Yew, Oak, Wild Cherry, Ash, Apple, Hawthorn, Hazel, and Holly. Finely sieve the resulting ash. By the mixing of four parts of a bracken and sheepswool compost, and four parts […]



The above provides the Geometry and Physical Principle for the Algebraic formulation of Hyperspherical Lensing shown in the previous Augblog. Hypersphere Cosmology seems to evolve towards the exact inverse of the LCDM- BB theory, both seem to fit most of the major observations but in radically different ways. In HC the universe does not expand, […]



BlogNews, Views & Reviews Thursday, 01 August 2019 09:47 AUGBLOG Featured I think we did it. This explains Perlmutter’s results without recourse to the hypothesis of Dark Energy. It also gives the correct distances for redshift and it gives the antipode distance. Read 942 times Last modified on Friday, 16 August 2019 11:45 Celebrations! + […]



JULBLOG. Politics. Io Bojo! Boris Johnston becomes our new leader, in our darkest hour for some time. If we fail to separate this Nation from the EU decisively and soon, we shall become assimilated into the undemocratic bureaucratic EU synarchy forever. Cometh the hour, cometh the man? Let us hope so, Boris has studied Churchill […]