We are not your guru.

Those who claim to know what’s best are usually those who desire control. We want to free your mind, not arrest it.

One thing that was imperative in beginning GZS was that it be a source of perspective, not truth.

It was never anyone’s intention that we give you rules to live by nor rituals to follow nor dogma to worship. We’ve always simply wanted to provide our own perspectives so you could compare it to your own to build a repository of information on which to extrapolate what you wish.

You know, tribal knowledge.

That being said, it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of being a gatekeeper. Falling under sway of your own dogma to the point that your way is the only way.

This runs antithesis to the practice of chaos magick, in our humble opinions.

But it’s chaos magick! There are no rules!

Calm down, hippy anarchist. Everything has rules. Chaos magick just allows them to bend considerably.

The vast majority of occult practitioners out there today are little more than cosplay enthusiasts. There is a significant minority truly dedicated to more arcane and evil shit. Then there are those of us who are, for all intents and purposes, explorers.

In this consensus reality, there is good and evil, however. It’s not always magick. Most of the time it’s just human nature. Very little to do with gods and such.

You are not Neo. This is not the Matrix.

Magick is real, yes, but you have to learn to use it on this operating system, right now, in this world, before you can possibly think of seeing others clearly. There are paradigms and archetypes that we must inhabit, but our fate is our own if we only choose to make it so.

Keep in mind that while your version of this particular truth may be wholly different, that doesn’t change the fact that this level of existence is governed by paradigms with which we must align.

Denial of this is simply foolish. While a mage should never underestimate their power, overestimation is the deadlier sin.

You will, indeed, have to find you own path.

No one can walk the road meant for you. We can offer advice to make the navigation easier, but it’s up to you to decide if the advice is good for you or not.

Maybe you’ll decide going to church on a Sunday is what’s best for you. Maybe it’ll be any of the millions of houses of worship on this planet. Maybe it’ll be your own den, where your books collect dust and you drink your days away.

Our goal is simple: to entertain you with the thought of a new perspective.

That’s it. We could be 100% incorrect about all of our assumptions about everything we talk about, but so could you. So could everyone.

If we disagree, let it be without venom or malice. Instead, let’s seek to understand and become something more.

We have chosen to practice our magick in a way that shares some of our insights that we have gained on the way. The magick of the storyteller, the historian, the explorer.

We hope you enjoy it.

Good luck out there. 😉

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