To Thine Own Self Be True: A Guide to Surviving the Chaos

You suddenly become aware of a dream.

In this dream, you are a pilot and you are flying a plane. You look down at the dash and you see that the settings are on auto-pilot. You reach out your hand and you flip the switch. Manual engaged. There is one huge problem though. An overwhelming sense of chaos and dread overcomes you. In exasperation, you scream out because you just realized that you have forgotten how to fly.

This is not a dream.

You are actually awake. You have been flying on auto-pilot this entire time. You have been soaring through life without realizing all of what has been going on around you and within you. Now you must remember how to fly again.

What do you desire? Who are you? What does your life mean to you? What are your goals? What direction do you wish to take in life? Now you need an anchor. You need a map.

Learning how to fly again is not easy.

Manual mode has been engaged. You are taking back your own power. This is the world of magick. This is the occult. This is who you are and who you have always been. Buckle up for the ride.

New thoughts, new states of mind, new perspectives, and drastically altered experiences are common at this stage. It is chaos. Everything is not ok, but you have the wheel. You are able to steer your plane. You grasp at the wheel and you begin to fly.

It all starts coming back to you.

Maybe you remember something you used to do. Maybe you start seeing meaning in things that you never realized had meaning. Maybe you start hearing voices. Each journey is different.

What matters is that you have an anchor. Turbulence has taken over. Alongside the erratic motions of the plane as you grasp at the wheel there is also a barrage of water and lightning surrounding you.

This is the storm.

You are the pilot. There is a reason you are the pilot. You are qualified. You can fly. I know it may sound like a strange thing to say but you need to have faith. Not faith in anything outside of you. Faith in your own self.

Sit still wherever you are for a moment and just be.

Do not think about the storm around you. Do not think about flying. Do not think at all. Remain as you are amidst the chaos, and the storm, and your own thoughts. Look within yourself. It may feel like you are doing art or whatever else you may enjoy. You are entering the zone.

Ask yourself any questions you may have.

As you struggle with your mind I want you to listen to your heart, soul, inner divinity, or whatever else you may want to call it. You may not remember all the answers, but you are the pilot and you can fly.

Use whatever resources you may need to get the answers you seek to all the questions that you have.

Life is a series of cause and effect; problems and solutions. You are flying now in new skies. A new world has been opened up to your awareness. The sky has always been there though.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not allow yourself to blow things out of proportion. You are seeing more of what always has been. You are becoming more aware of how you have always functioned. You are gaining knowledge and with this knowledge comes power.

The plane was on auto-pilot before.

Now you must fly. With power comes responsibility. Every choice you make, every thought you think, and every action you take has power and they always have.

To truly weather the chaos you must understand that no matter where you are, you are you. You are in your body. You are thinking thoughts in your mind. You control your finger on the pointer. It is your eyes that are directed towards this screen. It is your plane. It is your journey. It has always been your adventure. You are the constant.

Know yourself. To thine own self be true.

You have been living your life this whole time. You went through so much to get as far as you have come. Keep being who you are. Trust in yourself.

It may feel to you, in your mind, that you have lost control. Truth be told, if I can even say there is such a thing as truth, you never had control. We all make choices and our choices all have consequences. What you send out to the world shapes your experiences. What you do changes your reality.

This is what magick is for.

Magick is a tool just like anything else. You are using a tool to read this now. Magick is no different. The infamous British occultist Aleister Crowley said that magick is the science and art of causing a change to occur in conformity with Will, and I tend to agree with him.

Your mind and your body are your most important tools. Having the knowledge needed to use your tools is important. You must know who you are and how you function. You must learn what makes you keep going. You must know where you want to travel.

Your body is the plane. You are the pilot. Your mind is the dash. Close your eyes for just one moment. If you just closed your eyes and opened them again then you just flew. You caused your eyes to shut. You willed that. You just caused a change to occur in conformity with your will. That is magick.

You know how to do magick.

You have always been doing magick. You have always been flying your own plane. You never forgot how to fly. This is your world. Belief is a tool. Welcome to chaos magick.

Mason Word is a chaos magician primarily focused on practical magick. He sees his own day by day personal growth as his alchemical Great Work, and he makes no distinction between the mundane and the magickal.

He is a writer, a poet, a music producer, and a card reader, as well as an avid long time player of the Yugioh and Magic: The Gathering card games.