The world is a strange, strange place.

So, I’ve been diving into the deep end of self-discovery, staring into the abyss, and becoming something better. All around us though is turmoil, as the world culture struggles to identify itself.In the United States alone you have police violence sparking civil unrest while the higher authorities sit on their hands, affecting no change to the status quo.

You have a choice of Presidential candidates: one who has been shown to be a liar, a cheat, and willing to work with the highest bidder, while the other is a reality TV avatar with a sub-human intelligence and a penchant for saying whatever is necessary to whip a crowd into violent anger. You have a far-right Christian philosophy that’s fighting a losing battle against cultural maturity trying to implement a theocracy, where everyone has to indulge in a fairy tale belief system regardless of what they want to believe. Big Brother and the surveillance state is in full swing. We have so many guns in the hands of the population we stack up more kills than most war zones every year.

Around the world, it’s no better.

Wars and warlords, starving people, diseases running rampant, climate change going absolutely fucking crazy, and to top it all off, we’re on the beginning edge of a sixth mass extinction event.

It is a fucking exciting time to be alive.

Everyone wants to piss and moan about how things are so terrible now, but I say revel in it. You can’t avoid it, so you might as well embrace the madness that has taken over the world. Pull your heads out of your phones and join the End of the World Party that’s just starting to get raging good. This is where you find what you’re really made of on the inside. Are you the predator or are you the prey? Can you think for yourself, or do you need people to do that shit for you?

Either way, yeah, things are going fucking nuts.

The world is catching up to my viewpoint and it’s fantastic. I’m truly a loving creature, but I’ve been waiting for the crazy to catch up.

My journey of self-discovery hasn’t been particularly fun, but I followed Mr. Morrison’s advice and broke on through to the other side. My third eye is open and the broadcast flows 24/7. Nothing is real, and everything is permitted.

As far as the writing thing, I like writing things like this.

The world of fiction is awesome and I will visit there often, but the real world has become suddenly much more interesting. I’m finding people fascinating. Everyone is a story waiting to be told. Every trip is an adventure waiting to happen. Discontent is high, history is changing before my eyes, and humanity is evolving as a whole. All this madness is the pain of a new birth. Hopefully, we can survive it.

I’m also painting a bit and being generally more creative.

I feel the need to catalog what I’m seeing, like a reporter to future generations if they haven’t been culled from existence. Perhaps some alien will one day touch down on our planet and find it. Who knows? I’m just a punk sexbot with geek affectations and a deeply philosophical side.

Until next time my minions, I’m out.