Society got Jacked by the Joneses

Man, I want to go buy some shit. Nothing that I need in particular. I just want to buy random things that cause some chemicals to fire off in my head. I gotta feed this thing inside of me. I chose this because it is what I want.

Or do I?

Has my mind been infiltrated by insidious propaganda shoved down my throat like a pig being fattened for slaughter? Has my digital feed been hijacked by the morally bankrupt, thirsty only for my money?

You’re goddamned right you’re being fed a lot of shit.

You’re told every day that you need to wear this, drink this, drive this, eat this, watch this, support this, pray for this. It’s a torrential downpour of shallow visions of happiness that soak you to the bone, to the soul. When the new car smell wears thin, when the fresh new thing becomes old and uninteresting, you’re driven by avarice to consume more. You fucking need your fix.

But you sit there and you wonder why you’re not happy, don’t you? Nothing you do fills that eternal bottomless need.

I’ll tell you why you feel that way. You won’t like it. It’s because of that “stuff” is meaningless. That new iPhone won’t make you happy. The new video game won’t make you happy. A house in the Hamptons and a fucking Jag won’t make you happy. You’re unhappy because your life sucks major ass and you’ve sold yourself out.

Happiness is art.

It’s a non-attachment. It’s freedom from the chains that they place on you. It’s not conforming and doing your own thing. It’s not being afraid of things that are unknown, but learning about them. It’s about acceptance. It’s about friends, family, and living like there is no tomorrow.

It’s really not hard to get to happiness.

You just have to get out of your own way and do it. Let go. Be who you were meant to be. And always remember to ask yourself one thing after every experience…