"Magick is the first and last religion of the world." - Clive Barker

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The KHG Sigil


In loving memory of the mage Kati Hathor Gaia. The KHG powers the engine and heart of the ChaosPunk Revolution.

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The GZS Community


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Divination Services


Would you like to schedule a reading with one of our divination experts? Perhaps you're in need of guidance? Contact us.

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The Feed


We will be the pulse of the occult education & entertainment community.

Our goal is to put a spotlight on the entertainers of the occult community. The writers, the musicians, the painters, the sigil makers, the diviners, the instructors, the bearers of the greatest gifts.

And we want to bring them to you. 

We want to provide a platform that brings magick to the curious masses.

We plan on providing those who want to teach their discipline to the world will have a way to do so and perhaps pay a few of their bills. 

We desire to help the artist succeed.

By promoting our occult artists and providing a place to sell their wares to an audience hungry for their content, we hope to give them an easy place to earn income.

We want the practitioner to be able to serve their tribe.

We've seen so many struggle to get money for various things by providing readings online with little to no result. Like some sort of 21st century gypsy evolution, those in our trade attempt to scrape by however we can. GZS hopes to make it easier.

We want everyone, from neophyte to masters, to find a community, a tribe, with us.

One of the worst things the monoculture has done to us is rip the tribal identity we once had away. This is our community, one free of the rule placed on us by those who would steal our metadata to feed us poison to keep us complacent. Now we have a place online all our own.

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GZS / Apostate Media Limited Singles Release

  • Featuring "And All You Need's a Chance," the official GZS theme song by Mnemosyne.

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