What is GZS?

GZS is an independent occult publisher of zines, books, comics, and more.

DIY Guerilla Publishing

This is not big corporate publishing.This is get your hands in the dirt, DIY guerilla publishing for the 21st century. We encourage digital nomads and those using more traditional methods to use the tools available to them in the modern world to get shit done.No more waiting for your rejection letters because your work is just "not what they're looking for." Now you control your own destiny.That is the heart and soul of our DIY method.

Worlds of Entertainment

The stories, articles, books, comics, and other forms of storytelling GZS Publications uses are meant to invoke the wonder and magick of storytelling.We deal in niche occult genres that are aimed to delight and encourage the reader to explore their relationships with myth, spirituality, and the world.

A New Kind of Publishing Experience

No, we're not going to publish your work. We're going to show you how to publish you own.In a typical publishing experience, you'd have to deal with myriad contracts designed to separate you from the money that is rightfully yours. We think that's bullshit.So, we're just going to show you how we do it. Then you can become your own publisher. You can make your own rules.

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions."Keep it magickal." LULZ!

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