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Lady Pendragon

intuitive Tarot readings

Do you feel you need a reading? If so, then the Lady can help you. If you don't want deep truths revealed, this is not the reading for you. Love and light this is not. It's truth and insight.

Bespoke Spell Rituals

Do you need something specific to assist you? Have no fear! The Lady entertains the creation of bespoke spell rituals to help with whatever ails you!

Distance Energetic Healing

The Lady can help you overcome past traumas that may affect your day-to-day life. With the guidance of the otherkin, she will help you plot your own destiny!

you want too see a card trick that'll blow your mind?

Keeping Tarot Real

AN Oracle for our times

Manuel has experienced more in his years than most. Hailing from Venezuela, he understands the need for guidance in troubled times.

Spell work

In addition to divination, Manuel also offers an array of bespoke spell work to help you handle situations for which no earthly means can solve.

Multiple divinations

Manuel offers an amazing array of services that should fit any and all circumstances. A multi-talented reader, using a plethora decks and disciplines to find the answers you need.

Fine art taken to the next level

another dimension art

out among the shift, you will learn how to

go beyond your limits