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Lady Pendragon

Pendragon Oils on Etsy!

If you'd like legitimately prepared oils for ritualistic purposes, look no further than Pendragon Oils! A perfect and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

intuitive Tarot readings

Do you feel you need a reading? If so, then the Lady can help you. If you don't want deep truths revealed, this is not the reading for you. Love and light this is not. It's truth and insight.

Bespoke Spell Rituals

Do you need something specific to assist you? Have no fear! The Lady entertains the creation of bespoke spell rituals to help with whatever ails you!

Distance Energetic Healing

The Lady can help you overcome past traumas that may affect your day-to-day life. With the guidance of the otherkin, she will help you plot your own destiny!

Featured Artist

33rd Parallel

Join Jose and Ben as they explore the mysteries of the universe, philosophize about strange happenings, and give unique, entertaining commentary on current events. 


Featured Artist

Tommie Kelly

Lord Commander of Adventures in Woo Woo, creator of the Forty Servants, comics, photography, and some killer podcasts, GZS Pro highly recommends checking out Tommie’s website.

The Magus

SIMON MAGUS is an immortal, the failed avatar of the Christ Consciousness, and a conman of the highest order. When MARY ANNE, a powerful natural magic user, comes to him for help to save her immortal soul, he sees an opportunity he can’t pass up. The long con begins as The Magus traverses the Omniverse in search of the answer he seeks the most… the key to his own death.

Starting in late Spring 2021, I’ll be releasing a serial fiction occult tale via our GZS Pro Membership. I’ll be releasing new episodes of THE MAGUS on a bi-weekly basis, as it’s written. This will include streamed live-writing sessions for those that like seeing the creative process.

Featured Artist

Dorothy's Ghost

A heady cocktail of tech-noir electro pop, sparkling melodies and dirrrty acid basslines with an attitude chaser…

go beyond your limits

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